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What My Students Say

  • Hi Russell, First impressions? My hands are trembling, my heart is pumping faster, and I notice inadvertently I am making spelling mistakes I normally do not as I compose this message.  Boy you look a real hard task master. No smile throughout your message, Hair shorter than mine. Very intimidating like stern colonel Looks like I am in for a REAL  no nonsense business ride.  Good! I need someone like that to drag me crying and shouting to at last achieve my long cherished and rather LOFTY goals. Another very reassuring and encouraging sign that I will be in good hands.....I am extremely impressed the way you have asked for all the preliminary info about me in the forms and can see a lot of links for the videos that will keep mee busy learning more till I meet you! I look forward, trembling and shaking for that first meeting!

    Azeem Diwan

  • "I'm Paula Robinson, when starting my affiliate marketing career I had no idea what I was doing or where to begin. Russell Armstrong was assigned as my coach. He is great with the newbie. He has patients and is very helpful in leading you in the direction you need to start your business without wasting too much money. This business can be very overwhelming. But you can count on Russell to help you at any time all you have to do is reach out on Skype. He will return your message!"

    Paula Robinson

  • I have been working with Russ for about a month now and I have to say that he is priceless. The level of engagement I receive is perfect. He allows me to dictate the flow of the coaching while still keeping me on track. Every session is packed with information. Tips, tools, you name it. He's so generous and a great guy. I would recommend Russ to anyone regardless of their experience level. The guidance he has given me on Facebook alone has already made a tremendous impact to my business and we are just getting started. Russell Armstrong - "The Traffic Coach"

    Bruce Nelson

  • Coach Russell.....where would I be without you !!! You are an asset & help people change their life's for the better. The Knowledge you bring to the table is amazing & you always have new & up to date items at your finger tips. You are patient, approachable & always happy to help - you go the extra mile for your students. I trust you and I am blessed to have you as my coach.

    Theresa Schwark

  • Working with Russell has helped ride the huge learning curve you travel when entering online marketing as a newbie. Each session he demystified the process and gave me skills I could use straight away, and on many occasions implemented during the session.  He took the time to explain how processes worked and how they related to the big picture.  I looked forward to each session as his infectious personality and sense of humour made me comfortable, our sessions enjoyable; and at times calmed me when the online world got a little overwhelming.  I can’t recommend working with Russ, he made the technical easy and is a great teacher and mentor.  

    Kate McCarthy

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