How Do Top Marketers Create Killer Products Online?

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24 July 2014

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Many top online marketers have mastered the art of creating killer products – that is, products that people want to buy. Thankfully, one can learn how to create a product that will sell; all you need to do is to identify a hungry/thirsty target audience. You may have the best product on the face of the planet, but if no one is interested in your product, then it will not sell.


Walkthrough When Creating a Product

Every complete guide on creating a product will lay emphasis on identifying niche when creating a product. It is important that you put in the amount of work to ensure that you identify the audiences that are ready and willing to purchase your product – this will make it easier when it is time to market the product. Your task is to get right in front and guide a multitude of people who are already on the march – not to start the exhausting process of getting a multitude of people to begin marching.


Here are some tools and tips when creating a product:

Finding a hungry market starts by first understanding the psyche of people and how they make purchases. Below are the things you can create your product around in order of effectiveness

  • Problem – provide the solution to a problem
  • Pain – provide pain relief
  • Prevention – provide a product that protects the user
  • Pleasure – provide the product that pleases the user greatly


There are a lot of books that are available online which will guide and help you to get the right ideas on how to finish the product you’ve imagined. Take a look at this book called “Product Perfection”. This free ebook will give you valuable information about how to create the best product which people will buy.  Get it here:


Every successful online marketer with a complete guide on creating a product will agree that “Prevention” is the toughest product to promote. Most people find it difficult to hand over money in order to prevent anything, but will be more willing to pay to have something fixed when it is broken.


Most newbie online affiliate marketers fail to employ the right tools and tips when creating a product. So many newbie online marketers focus too much on creating a product and do not even have a market to sell to. Most of these marketers do not even know the people they want to sell to.


As mentioned earlier, it is important that you find a market that is ready and willing to purchase the product you create. Here are the 3 major niches that are ALWAYS marching:

  1. Business or make money
  2. Health and fitness
  3. Personal development and relationships


When it comes to learning the best ways on how to create a product, most new online marketers miss it – they are totally off base.


Many of them say “I think this idea is great!” or “I am totally crazy about this topic”.


It is important to understand that creating a product is certainly “NOT ABOUT YOU!” Or what you need or like. It is all about offering the solution to a market with a need, like, or want, period. Remove your ego when you are creating a product – this is what top marketers do. Online marketing is about satisfying the need of your target audience.




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