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12 January 2015

What Should You Be Looking For In a Mentor Or Coach

COMMITMENT When a person is looking for a mentor they will want to make sure that person is committed to helping them reach their goals. Having a clear communication style between the client and the mentor is an important part of choosing the right partnership. Accountability is another factor which is important. Looking for a […]

8 January 2015

What types of Mentors or Coaches are there for you to hire

INTRODUCTION The fast pace nature of the present day life has created the need for coaching. Having a mentor in business or personal life can help clients to identify the ways in which they can better enjoy everyday living. Partnering with a mentor or coach provides an opportunity to see things from a new perspectives […]

6 January 2015

What is a Mentor? And Why Should You Use One?

Mentors are experts in their chosen field. These people are knowledgeable in their niche, and they have honed their craft to a level where they can take on somebody else and help them achieve the same results. What is a mentor exactly? A mentor is somebody who guides another individual to achieving the same level […]

29 December 2014

What is a Coach? And why should you use one?

When looking to improve one’s life, it’s possible to do so with the help of a professional. Yes, a coach training professional can help one get to the bottom of things. With this in mind, here are four reasons why people use a professional coach and what they do for most people. Learn how to […]

23 December 2014

Is there a difference between Mentors and Coaches?

Entrepreneurs who want to market their mentoring and coaching skills may want to brand themselves as either a coach or mentor. Conversely, individuals looking to enhance their own skills may be in search of a coach or mentor. This can be problematic as these terms are often used interchangeably when they should use a clear […]

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