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27 January 2015

Creating A Multiple Figure Website

Whether you’re a business owner looking to earn your own living or just someone who wants to create a blog or social site, having it be successful is entirely up to you and the tools you implement into it. There are literally millions of websites out there, and a lot of them have the potential […]

22 January 2015

What is the Purpose of a Mentor or Coach?

A NEW PERSPECTIVE Many people wonder what is mentoring and coaching. The answer is different for every client. The common ground in a coaching relationship is the desire for a new perspective on life challenges. A quality coach will answer the question of what is mentoring and coaching as an opportunity for the client to […]

20 January 2015

Why is Having a Mentor or Coach Important?

If you have ever been observant, then you must have realized that successful people have one thing in common: a mentor or a coach. These two are important to your ultimate success as an individual. Nearly every successful person in life has had someone they would confide in and learn from when times become tough. […]

16 January 2015

Why is ACCOUNTABILITY Good When You Have a Mentor or Coach?

When engaging in mentoring in business, it is important to understand that it is a two way relationship. There should be openness, honesty, and accountability on both sides. In the same way that a younger employee is accountable to their mentor, the person mentoring must approach their position of power with responsibility. Mentoring and Coaching […]

14 January 2015

Finding a Mentor or Coach That is The Right Fit For You

  COMMUNICATION STYLE One of the most important things to think about when finding a coach is the style with which the individual communicates. The client must feel comfortable interacting with the coach in order to make consistent positive progress. This means that the coach must have the ability to convey information in a clear […]

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