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“My Story”

Hi, my name is Russell Armstrong,

I am just one of those ordinary guys trying to make a living and provide for my family. I have a wife and three kids (one in college, and two finishing high school). I am like everyone else I want a better life with more security and less stress for my family and me.

My whole adult life has been dedicated to helping people. For the past 31 + years I have been a member of the Fire Service both as a volunteer and a career firefighter. I retired from the Fire Service in late 2013. My last assignment prior to that I was a Fire Lieutenant and full time responder to emergency calls. I was also the Fire Prevention Officer for our Fire District. I have always enjoyed helping people not only in their time of need but also teaching them how to prevent situations so they don’t have to call 911.

I had made the decision to start a new business back in January 2012. I have owned three “Brick and Mortar” Businesses over the last 32 years, starting my first at age 18. Nearing my retirement I looked for something that would allow me to enjoy the retirement I had always wanted. I looked into a few different brick and mortar businesses but felt that would be too restraining by holding me in one place, “Been there done that”! I turned to the Internet and found there were a lot of offers out there, I also found you can spend a lot of money…which I did!

I remember the day I found a web site that had some great, actually fantastic information and it was free! It provided me with the beginning tools I needed to start my business. After going through all ten of these free trainings. I was then invited to a webinar as I watched this webinar and felt this person, in this whole Internet marketing world seemed truly interested in helping make my business grow. This Internet marketer’s information was based on how he could help me make my business provide what I wanted it to provide.

I started my own website and within a week was advertising on Face Book PPC. I now had a list! This is what everyone had been saying I needed, I even had my first conversion (sale). May 2012 I took the next step in my business and “jumped off the fence” by going to my first live event in San Diego. Going to this event was truly motivating. I got to meet the Internet marketer and several other high power marketers in person. This event opened my eyes to the possibilities and potential of my own business.

Now I would like to bring what I have and still am learning to you. I have now personally coached over 700 + new business owners. I want to help make you successful in your venture by saving you time and money, by not letting you experience the school of hard knocks like I have, by letting you get on the right path to your financial freedom instead of just dreaming about it…



CEO and Founder of Armstrong’s Enterprises





The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

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